Case Study

17th Avenue has historically been a foot traffic hotspot within Calgary. But with ongoing road construction, the team behind 17th’s Business Revitalization Zone was keen to encourage Calgarians to shop and dine local.

Client: 17th Ave Retail & Entertainment District

The Campaign

Our team scheduled production shoots throughout both fall and winter, creating experience-based media assets the company could leverage seasonally in the years to come. Our regular social advertisements provided up to date information on the impact of construction to 17th Avenue businesses, ensuring to draw attention to convenient parking locations, alternate routes, temporary entryways, and other information that would give visitors peace of mind in making the trip.


We aimed to focus on 17th Avenue as a general location for entertainment, shopping, and dining experiences, as opposed to only highlighting a few select businesses. We wanted to promote the concept of 17th Avenue as being the primary destination for Calgarians to visit to discover all kinds of local businesses along the way and incorporated the holiday season and importance of shopping local to support those businesses that had been negatively impacted by construction and the weather.


Our campaign intentionally and strategically called attention to the human elements behind the campaign, both from the perspective of local business owners hoping to have more community support and from the perspective of local patrons avoiding an area they assumed to be inconvenient. Our realistic, authentic, and human approach behind the advertising campaign resonated positively online and resulted in measurable engagement, an almost immediate increase to the client’s social media base, and visible foot traffic to the area throughout the course of our campaign.

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