Case Study

Cactus Club’s goal in prioritizing social media marketing was to ensure relevancy among a social media-driven audience-base, particularly with those under 40, and to secure its position as a leader in social compared to its competitors. The company also wished to cost-effectively and seamlessly produce photo/video assets representative of the local market, yet consistent with corporate brand standards.

Client: Cactus Club Cafe

The Campaign

Curiocity consistently announced Cactus Club’s new and industry-unique offerings, as well as time-sensitive promotions with specific calls to action and emphasized the client’s competitive advantages. Our marketing efforts sought to breathe new life into the existing brand by leveraging social media to shift the millennial perception of what they could expect from the brand and make it once again a “must-try” destination across Canada.


Our advertising frequency varied between two to four advertisements per month in four cities across Canada, leveraging content that both Curiocity and Cactus Club produced. Production shoots were scheduled monthly with the location varying depending on the client’s ongoing requirements at the time. We ensured that each and every caption was written in the Curiocity brand voice while adhering to Cactus Club’s brand standards. All messaging was written, and perceived, as a true recommendation as Curiocity being a fan and regular patron of the brand. Visual elements were representative of each local market wherever possible to demonstrate the national brand as being part, and a favorite, of the local market.


Cactus Club has expressed that Curiocity’s marketing efforts played a significant, measurable factor behind the dramatic increase in the company’s social media accounts and overall brand perception, particularly among millennials in Canada.

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