Case Study

As Calgary’s most popular professional sports team, the Calgary Flames had no difficulty reaching their established fan-base but struggled with a common misconception from non-fans of tickets being unattainable by everyday Calgarians, both in price and availability. The Flame’s marketing team sought to increase local game day awareness and increase ticket sales among those who may not already identify themselves as being

Client: Calgary Flames

The Campaign

Curiocity conducted monthly production shoots to capture lifestyle-focused content to depict the overall experience of attending a Flames game. Curiocity leveraged these social-first assets to advertise on both our website and social media with conversational, casual messaging to promote upcoming games, ticket sales, and current promotions, always indicating prices and simple instructions on how to purchase.


Curiocity conducted a full assessment of the Flame’s existing marketing efforts and developed a unique campaign specifically for sharing through social media. Our content had nothing to do with the players or the game itself and instead focused on the overall elements of the experience that would appeal to non-hockey fans. The campaign highlighted time-sensitive promotional offerings, indicating specific prices and simple ways to purchase.


The engagement to our Flames-related content was significant, generating increased online conversation and sharing among a more general, non-hockey focused audience-base. Our positioning and frequent communications allowed the Flames to be seen as a viable, attainable, and interesting experience for Calgarians to consider regardless of their interest in hockey or budget.

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