Case Study

Increase awareness surrounding the Calgary Flames, Hitmen, and Roughnecks. Increase ticket sales for all three teams. Develop a unique campaign for social media focusing on the use of a specific hashtag. Capture and deliver fan experience to a broader audience.

Client: Calgary Hitmen

The Campaign

Created photo and video assets to be used on social media which display unique fan experiences from each team that appeal to every demographic in Calgary. Using giveaways via social media, we drew more attention to the all of the teams and the different aspects of each that could apply to different families and demographics in Calgary. We created a unique hashtag (#weareCGY) to establish a campaign that encompassed all of the Calgary teams instead of focusing on one single entity. By featuring this hashtag on social media and in editorials published by Curiocity, our local audience would be driven to the other teams’ platforms.


We developed a campaign surrounding #weareCGY and combined that with both photos of fan experiences and a give-away for an ultimate fan experience at a Calgary Flames game. We created social media posts as well as editorials and branded videos to create awareness that these three teams could appeal to every Calgarian. By focusing on what Calgary would like to both see and experience, Curiocity was able to capture content and entice our audience to attend all Calgary team games.


Increased brand awareness surround all three of Calgary’s teams while creating a larger audience base for the CSEC teams on social media. The hashtag (#weareCGY) allowed us to monitor which people were interacting with this specific campaign via social media and allowed us to determine the next steps for future campaigns. We developed content for the CSEC teams social channels that captured the fan experience in a way that had never been done before – which gave a more authentic feel to attending games.

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