Case Study

As the red-headed stepchild of the Calgary Flames, the Calgary Roughnecks were determined to set their brand apart and entice hockey-loving Calgarians to also support their local lacrosse team.

Client: Calgary Roughnecks

The Campaign

Our work with the Roughnecks included photo video production and establishing a consistent advertising calendar all season long, which was ramped up before local game days. All in-market assets were generated as though they were being captured from the eyes of the Roughneck’s most diehard fan in order to share the most cherished elements of the game with someone who might never have thought about attending a lacrosse game.


Our entire campaign was centered around identifying and promoting exactly what it was that made a lacrosse game so different than a hockey game. From the audience’s unparalleled energy, the atmosphere of the arena, accessible ticket pricing and availability, themed games, and a somewhat carefree, underdog attitude, our media assets, and advertisement verbiage was created to authentically capture the true spirit of the Roughnecks.


The Calgary Roughnecks saw a spike in ticket sales for the local games that Curiocity was actively promoting, as well as an overall increase in their social media following. Our experience-focused content created a fun and authentic representation of what locals could expect from attending a game and were curated to appeal to viewers of any demographic regardless of their interest in lacrosse.

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