Case Study

Canada Beef had invested significant resources into the company’s website and wanted to increase online traffic, as well as raise national awareness about their products and its benefits to consumer’s overall health and lifestyle.

Client: Canada Beef

The Campaign

Curiocity conducted a production shoot to kick-off the campaign and developed assets that could be used in any location across Canada. Advertisements and articles were published in each city with slightly different messaging in order to effectively communicate the messaging specific to that market. Our written content provided the real estate needed to focus more on the science and health-based information the client wished to communicate about their products.


Curiocity’s in-house production shoot went above and beyond what the client required. Aside from creating the recipes requested by the client, our team got creative in the kitchen and truly demonstrated, and captured, what the client hoped would be reflected by consumers. In authentically capturing the variety and versatility of Canada Beef products from our own experiences, our advertising assets were naturally positioned in a manner that would relate to, and resonate with, Canadians looking for creative ways to make healthy and convenient meals.


The traffic and engagement with Curiocity’s in-house produced content was unparalleled compared to other in-market campaigns at the time which showcased stock photos and corporate produced assets. Our genuine approach and beautifully curated experience focused content was communicated with a strong, relatable personality and received as beneficial “how to’s” for our audience as opposed to a traditional ad campaign.

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