Case Study

Restaurant Brand Refinement & Social Media Marketing Activation.

Client: Cleaver

The Campaign

We provided a number of different services for Cleaver, including refining their brand identity, developing a strategic communications and marketing plan, providing business recommendations (relating to their in-store experiences, new menu items, and general operations among others), producing photo and video content developed specially for success on social, took over the management of their social media platforms, and began advertising on Curiocity’s social accounts. During this time, Cleaver took no other additional action outside of Curiocity’s efforts.


Our strategy was to establish Cleaver on social media and move them away from traditional forms of advertising. We wanted to educate their team on the different aspects of social media and digital marketing which allowed them to re-align their internal efforts.


Within weeks of working with us, Cleaver immediately began to see a noticeable increase in patronage, which soon turned into sales “consistently doubling week over week” (as described by Cleaver). In a matter of several months, Cleaver was booking out reservations for evenings and weekends weeks in advance, turning down hundreds of walk-ins per week, and has consistently maintained its position as one of the leading restaurants in Calgary. We have enjoyed an incredibly successful and positive working relationship with Cleaver. Though Cleaver wishes to keep their sales results confidential, they have verbally shared that Curiocity has been a predominant factor in their success. During our time together, we have increased their follower base on Instagram from 300 people to over 19,800, which is one of the largest followings in Canada for a restaurant of their size. Their continued success has allowed Cleaver’s management team to open up a new location next door to Cleaver called Gringo Street, which we are also very proud to provide services for. It’s worth noting that the restaurant’s management team made the decision to advertise for the new venue exclusively through Curiocity, given their previous success.

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