Case Study

With a variety of upcoming fall initiatives and local activations, Destination Toronto sought to encourage Torontonians to experience being a tourist in their own city.

Client: Destination Toronto

The Campaign

Curiocity conducted bi-monthly production shoots during the course of the campaign in order to capture local businesses and attractions aligned with the initiatives being pushed by Destination Toronto. This content was promoted through a series of social advertisements and original editorial web pieces driven to capture with a fresh perspective element of the city that locals may take for granted.


Like many Canadians, Torontonians are not immune to the cold winter months and often feel trapped inside for much of the winter season. Our specially curated content focused on highlighting specific experiences that would entice residents to explore and get out more often, featuring time-sensitive offerings, promotions, and events not to be missed.


The frequency of our campaign greatly enhanced local awareness of Destination Toronto’s initiatives. Our uniquely curated media assets and experience-based written content aided in assisting locals with understanding the event opportunities, how they could participate, and created a stronger sense of community behind the campaign, coupled with the feeling of not wanting to miss out.

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