Case Study

JOEY’s marketing team prioritized having a flexible working relationship that would allow their team to increase national awareness of new offerings and promotions any time they might require the extra push.

Joey Restaurants

The Campaign

JOEY’s marketing team consistently keeps Curiocity up to date on new promotions, menu items, and other activations in which to promote. Our frequent advertising calendar and almost immediate turnaround ensures Canadians are always being shown something new and interesting from JOEY, always focusing on very specific calls to action as opposed to general awareness.


Our strategy for JOEY has always been to be as helpful and responsive to the company’s busy marketing team in the moment and as they required it. When they call on us to promote something for their restaurants, we first ensure to look at the content provided from the eyes of a true consumer to understand what about the offering is actually enticing and of interest to us, and this is how all of our advertising assets are positioned.


Our flexible advertising campaign allows JOEY to have Curiocity’s national audience in their back pocket ready to go with any new information they were ready to share at that time. Our longtime working relationship with the company has enabled their marketing team to reach a national audience-base impactfully at the local level, in a manner that has been both time and cost-effective.

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