Case Study

With a relatively new brand identity, the company aimed to introduce their latest product line to Canadians and encourage consumers unfamiliar with Mark’s products to try it out for themselves. Mark’s wished to attract a younger demographic while simultaneously educating consumers on the product’s usability that doesn’t compromise fashion.

Client: Mark’s

The Campaign

Curiocity developed a uniquely tailored campaign that included city-specific production shoots and creative advertisements paired with original long-form and sponsored web articles that ran in each of our Canadian markets.


Our city-specific production shoots captured beautifully engaging lifestyle assets positioning the shoot location itself as the primary focal point and Mark’s various product items almost as the accent. This was intentionally done to maximize initial interest and engagement online. We sought to create a sense of consumer comfort and interest with the brand by showcasing Mark’s products in locally-familiar settings, worn by everyday Canadians under 30.


Our specially curated and hyperlocal content allowed us to execute a national campaign that was uniquely tailored to each of our Canadian markets. Through working with Curiocity, Mark’s was able to make a brand impact at the local level and reach their target demographic through digestible, shareable, and informative content.

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