Case Study

Increased Brand Awareness Surrounding Molson Coors Banquet Through Social Media.

Client: Molson Coors

The Campaign

Curiocity ran a 2 month campaign with Molson Coors wherein we promoted the Coors Banquet brand through our social media channels and through our website. By promoting this brand on our channels before, during and after Calgary Stampede, Curiocity was able to enhance awareness of the brand and its association to the Stampede.


By developing an authentic storyline surrounding the Banquet brand, Curiocity delivered photo assets to our targeted audience on social media. Since this was a liquor product, we geared the entire campaign to our 18+ audience. Molson was able to leverage Curiocity’s audience to increase their following on social media while delivering a unique brand story during Calgary Stampede.


The campaign was very successful in enhancing awareness surrounding the Banquet brand for Molson Coors. They continued to work with Curiocity for several months after for another campaign.

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