Case Study

Curiocity provides on-demand services to The Calgary Zoo to meet their changing requirements throughout the calendar year in order to raise brand awareness of new events, openings, promotions, and feature exhibits.

Client: The Calgary Zoo

The Campaign

We consistently create and establish time-sensitive mini-campaigns that are specially curated for each unique exhibit or event. These production assets are shared across our social channels and website, tying in facts and tidbits provided by the Zoo, along with specific calls to action to drive traffic and ticket purchases.


Our production shoots are driven to capture attendees’ unique experiences and aim to highlight new events and exhibits in a manner that will capture the interest of a variety of demographics. Advertisements are written in our authentic brand voice to organically educate our audience on the Zoo’s unique offers while showcasing the general spirit and experience of visiting.


Our continuous marketing efforts ensure locals are always in-the-know of new offerings and upcoming events at the Zoo. Our social media posts in particular allow us to monitor exactly what type of content our audience most interacts with in order to tailor upcoming campaign deliverables for maximized success online and to inform the Zoo’s marketing team for reference with future activations.

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