Case Study

With locations across Canada, The Keg’s primary campaign goal was to promote city-specific menus and locally unique promotions incorporating approachable lifestyle content and integrating national holidays and current events with specific calls to action.

Client: The Keg

The Campaign

Curiocity scheduled regular production across multiple different cities, capturing both hyperlocal content specific to certain locations, as well as more general corporate shots that could be repurposed by the company. These assets were shared on Curiocity’s social and web platforms, always positioned as a genuine recommendation about the elements our team truly loves about our first-hand experiences with the restaurant.


As a tried and true brand, we knew consumers would be most interested in seeing The Keg’s unexpected product offerings and cost-saving promotional features. Our consistent advertising frequency was strategically ramped up prior to major holidays and promotional launches to increase engagement and interest ahead of time. Our production team worked to take typical menu items and creatively position them in a way that looked not only appealing but unique and in a manner we knew would take off online.


Oliver & Bonacini allowed our team to take a very hands-on approach and collaborative approach with our marketing efforts. Our long-term relationship allowed us to dive deep into each venue’s offerings to really examine and create customized offerings that inevitably generated significant local brand awareness and activity to each of their four locations.

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